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First Day Working on Project March 22, 2010

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We just finished eating and had a great conversation for the last couple of hours.  I can’t say it enough again that I love it here!!!  I feel as if we are part of a family…Simona, her husband Peter, mother Marianna, and step-dad Victor…along with three volunteers all staying under the same roof.  Tonight we had a delicious dinner of home-made soup, then mashed potatoes with b-b-q.  Mmmm…..  Then came a very exciting conversation on Romania and communism, when communism fell and how it affected the people, the pros and cons of communism and their way of life today, and how difficult it is for Romanians to get a Visa to visit the United States….it is nearly impossible for them!  This conversation lasted for about an hour and it was enthusiastic and sharing of many points of view in an honest and respectful way.  Some people may not have liked being part of this type of conversation, but this is exactly what I was hoping for.  A point of view from a locals of questions I have asked myself.  I must have had the biggest grin on my face the entire time. 🙂

Today we started our project and I think I can say that we are tired tonight!  Let’s just say that I haven’t enjoyed a hot shower like I did tonight.  It is worth every bit of energy exerted because Simona and her husband have a great vision and drive to the lives better for those in the community.  They have inspired me! 

So, in the morning we geared up in our work clothes, ate breakfast, and headed out.  Our first stop was to the Town Hall to see the Mayor of the town where the project is.  He gave the land to Simona and Peter for their project.

On our way out of the Town Hall a cute little horse and buggy went by.  This is common in this area…more of these than cars.  They went past the work site throughout the day and I just loved hearing the clitter-clatter of the hoofs. 

This is the work site…take notice of all of the corn stocks sticking out of the ground.  This was the first phase…pulling out all of the corn stocks covering 15,000 square feet of land!!!  And I can proudly tell you that 4 of us did it!  Peter was the host today since Simona could not come with us because she teaches kindergarten during the week, so her and Peter work together and they are both very easy-going and informative.  After we pulled the corn stocks we put them into piles and burned them. 

The Trae Voluntares = three volunteers (me, Brian, and Kathe)  We are on a well deserved water break. 🙂

After our work day was complete at the site, Peter took us to a fresh spring to get some cold water.  This spring is also where the horses can re-hydrate.  I was absolutely fascinated by the horse and buggies and how many there were.  In the village we were working in that was the main mode of transportation.

Simona and Peter also created a video about a year ago regarding their project I want to share with you.  It will give you insight into what they are creating.

Part 1

Part 2

Well, it is late and I am WAAAYYY tired and need to rest up for another work day tomorrow, but I wanted to get pictures posted for everyone while I had the chance….enjoy!  I also updated previous posts with pictures.  Napte buna (good night).


14 Responses to “First Day Working on Project”

  1. Sally Says:

    I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying these pictures and information.
    It is very impressive that you are doing most of this from your phone too.
    I’m scared to ask but have to. Was the killed goat what was barbequed that you so enjoyed?
    Give Kathe a hug for me.

    • No, we did not eat the goat…at least that they told us. 😉 But I have to say that the family is very much into self sustainability, so they raise the food they eat for tje most part and that is also what they will teach the families that will live at the center when it is completed. Also forgot to mention in the post, Peter, the one who butchered the goat cannot take their life…he has to have someone else do that.

  2. Roger Says:

    It sounds like you are having fun, learning a lot, and working hard. I am proud of you for having the courage to pursue this dream. You are pushing your edges–a good thing!!

    • Ohhh Roger, I definitely know I have been dreaming in the right direction…that bubble above my head has expanded ten-fold! It is really an amazing country with rich history and a great start to pursuing this life adventure of mine! I am so thrilled to be sharing it with everyone as well.

  3. cassidy Says:

    mom ,nice post and pics. i hope you wil have more fun and have a great time.
    i love you !!

    • Hi Cassidy, so happy to hear from you on here again. I am glad that you are enjoying the information and pictures. I have missed you guys, but hear you are being a really good helper for dad…thank you. I love you!!!!!

  4. Mom Says:

    Tara, I am glad that you are having such a nice time and that you have such a wonderful, giving family to be with, please give them my best and thank them for me, it makes it easier for me to know that you are being taken care of. Your writing and pictures are just wonderful. I love you and am so proud.

  5. ginny Says:

    I am so envious….you are truly having a great adventure. I’m showing your videos to my classes today. I would have loved to have been there for the conversations about Communism and world politics. We Americans are so convinced that the world revolves around us. I think of all you can share with Cassidy and Abbey as well as the rest of us. You are literally opening our eyes. I feel in my heart that your work in Romania will have an impact throughout the family. I know that your Saturdays at the Food Bank have certainly had an impact on Ken and me and our plans for next year. Love you, Ginny

  6. John Says:

    Looks like all of your past corn detasseling experience came in handy for you 🙂

    Abbey and I watched the videos last night and talked about them. Thanks for posting those. They demonstrate well the need for this project that you are working on and really brings home how this will positively and directly impact the lives of the local people. Will you be meeting any of these families while you are there?

    Hope day 2 goes well for you. Or went well for you considering your day is probably over by now… Get some rest; you deserve it.

    Love you,

    • Hey babe…funny about the corn detasseling…I told of my experience with that to the others here as well. So glad you watched the videos with the Abbey…I can’t wait to see them and talk with them about it and share ALL of the pictures and video. I feel like I can’t soak in enough and there is so much to consume!

  7. Sally Says:

    What is your address there? We want to look at you on Google Earth.

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