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Third Work Day March 24, 2010

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We trae voluntares did a great job today!  At least that is what Peter said. 🙂  Luckily we had more of a chill day yesterday, because today was definitely more strenuous.  After clearing the land of the corn stocks and breaking down the fence and cement wall, we were ready for the first BIG truck delivery.  AND…in that truck was a ton of rock…really I don’t know exactly how much it was…but it was A LOT!!!  It was cool to watch the truck come on to the land and dump the rock.  The truck was soooo heavy that it left several deep ruts in the ground.  We were fortunate that the truck dumped a few different piles, instead of one big one, and from there we spread it out.  Doing this will allow other heavy vehicles to drive on the land with the equipment and supplies for the project.

We were fortunate again to have the help of Peter’s cousin, Catalin.  He has experience in construction and has organized teams to build homes, so he is a valuable asset to have around.  He also speaks English and is very kind and shares his experiences and stories with us.  He has been around the world via bar tending on cruise ships for 4 years…this is also how he learned English.   I can’t say enough how amazed I am at how many people we run in to that do speak English.  One of the women who stopped by the site yesterday from the village also spoke some English.  I am trying very hard to learn some words in Romanian to reciprocate, but I am sure my pronunciation and accent totally botch what I am trying to say. 

Yesterday, when we went to the Roma community, we learned that the Roma people get monthly stipends from the town…depending on the number of children they have (I believe that is the correct understanding).  Today, when we went to the Town Hall for a restroom break, we got to see the Roma people waiting for these payments.  It was very interesting to see how this is organized.  The people gather around Town Hall and there is a security person.  The security person lets them in one-by-one to collect their payments.  I enjoy seeing in action what I learn and wish I had my camera to capture the moment…but we were just going to use the restroom…who knew!

Even though today was very tiring work, it was a beautiful day.  However, the sun seems hotter when you are doing intensive manual labor.  The one item I took out of my suitcase before the trip was sunscreen.  So…tonight I look like Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer. 😉  Doing this type of work really makes you appreciate the people who do it for a living.  Peter and Catalin were very patient and kind and we could take water and shade breaks whenever we felt the need.  Something I read before this trip, and have noticed is this culture is more laid back with their work.  They are very hard workers, just not intense about it.  It has made me feel more comfortable…especially since this type of work is not something I am use to.  I will say this though…I will never look at a gravel road or gravel anything the same way again.

My husband reminded me, from my post yesterday, that with everyone doing small things…big things get accomplished.  This is so true and very important for me to remember…and it is amazing how much these small steps WILL impact the lives of 10 families and bring and education center to the village. 

Now for some pictures!

Since I shared more about the Roma community, I wanted to post a couple more pictures I took yesterday.  I was just so touched from our visit there and I hope the pictures convey it to some extent for you.  Also, I asked Simona of anything, what is it that this community needs help with.  Than answer…jobs…and they do want to work.

Another touching moment.  This little guy is chopping wood…I will let the picture speak for itself.

This is the BIG truck coming on to the land through the clearing we made yesterday.  One thing that was cool about the gravel is not only did we get to see it get dumped on the land, but we also got to see the plant where it came from.  AND…astonishingly, no advance order was necessary.  We went in the morning and Peter ordered and it was delivered within the hour.

Here is the truck dumping the gravel. 

It sure was fun to watch!  Then…it was time to shovel.

I know this may not seem like a very exciting picture and it may not look like a lot of gravel, but we worked very hard to spread it out so I wanted to show you…just imagine us each with a shovel and a wheel barrow.  Again, I am so thankful I don’t have to do this everyday and think a lot of those who do this work on a daily basis.

I just ate a piece of Dove dark chocolate…Mmmm…and how fitting the message was on the inside of the wrapper:  Do something for someone less fortunate today.

Napte buna to you all!


10 Responses to “Third Work Day”

  1. abbey Says:

    mom i think you are doing great on the post.i wonder what you are going to do next.

  2. Cassidy Says:

    it must be super hard spreading that gravel ! it also must be hard working in the hot sun. i think your post is brilliant and you’ll do another great job tomorrow !
    love your eldest daughter,

  3. ginny Says:

    Good morning, Tara. I must say that I didn’t picture you pulling corn stalks, pulling down fences, and spreading gravel. Ken and I are so very proud of the way you’ve challenged yourself. Like Cassidy and Abbey, we know you and Kathe will do another great job today!
    Love, Ginny

    • Hi Ginny,
      It has been a challenge, but the BEST challenge. This experience has been soooo amazing to me and it is still so fresh and the feelings are so deep that I can’t even put half the stuff into words.
      Thanks again for reading. I really appreciate it.

  4. John Says:

    I was wondering how your hosts learned English and if they had studied abroad in England or somewhere. I suppose tending bar on a cruise ship wouldn’t be that bad of a way to pick it up, assuming that you aren’t prone to sea sickness 😉

    Hope your hands aren’t too blistered for work day 4 (or your nose for that matter 🙂 ) Just think that the pain is temporary, but the joy you have brought and the work you all have done will last a long, long time.

    love you,

  5. Cristian Says:

    Hi! I was surfing the internet and i decided to put Haghig in the browser and what comes up first is this pink house which at the first looked very familiar , then when i clicked on it there u go its my parents pink house. Amazing. I live in UK for more then 7 years , i wish i could go back but im thinking of my children future…..
    Guys you probably visited the most unbelivable places there , but if i can be of any help for you i will be very happy! Cheers…

    • Hi Cristian! So great to hear from you and what a wonderful story. How amazing that was your parents house. My trip to Romania was a life changing experience for me and I have fond memories of my experience there. I hope to go back to that same area again in the future. Cheers!

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