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Homecoming March 30, 2010

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Well…I survived the long travel days.  Kathe and I stayed overnight at the Bucharest Airport and we are so thankful to our fellow volunteer Brian.  He went above and beyond to help us out…giving us the opportunity to stay in the airport lounge which had comfortable seating, food, and drinks.  This was yet another wonderful surprise that made the trip better than anticipated.  Thank you, Brian.

After spending the night in an airport, all you hope for is that you have no delays, cancellations, or missed flights. Bucharest to Frankfurt…easy.  Frankfurt to Calgary…besides it being almost ten hours, easy.  THEN we arrived at the Calgary Airport.  The Calgary Airport has got to be the most unfriendliest maze to maneuver for international travelers with a short layover.  Lost luggage and a marathon ensued!  IMAGINE…spending the night in an airport, then 13 hours in the sky, and you are only an hour and half flight away from being home.  We were MORE than determined to make our flight and we did it!!!  It felt like such an accomplishment to sit in our seats on that plane.  I just felt bad for the person that got stuck in the seat next to me…I definitely did not smell pretty.

After the marathon madness and final take-off, it was time to chill.  I needed some music…to be specific…M. Ward and Wilco.  Ahhh…easing of the mind is a wonderful thing.  AND…you can only guess that the final landing at the Portland Airport, 1:55pm on Sunday felt AWESOME!!!  It was such an amazing homecoming.  It DID feel really good to hold my family again and you would never guess how many bad pun jokes I got caught up on. 🙂  Thanks John, Cassidy, & Abbey for a wonderful Sunday and Monday!

I am still feeling pretty overwhelmed from the trip.  It has been a little weird coming back and getting on track with my days…almost as if I am having more culture shock coming back instead of going there.  Weird, huh?!  I think I have experienced almost every emotion possible in the past two weeks.  My time in Romania has definitely changed me.  Exactly how and in what way I do not know…but I am excited to see where it leads me!

The Bucharest Airport.  Our home for 18 hours.

The airport lounge.  We were so happy we could curl up and lay down on a loveseat.  Thanks again, Brian…we really appreciated this.

I also wanted to correct something from an earlier post.  On the post titled “Rasnov, Romania” I included a picture of the secret stairs from Bran “Dracula’s” Castle.  EXCEPT…they are the wrong set of stairs!  So…here is a picture of the real secret stairs.  These stairs are far more fitting of “secret stairs.” 🙂

Thank you, Kathe & Brian…it was great to be part of the experience with you AND thank you to everyone who followed along with the blog.  I enjoyed sharing my experience with you all.  I am going to put something together that will include video and pictures I took…capturing conversations and bringing life to the experiences I wrote about…I can’t wait to share it with you.  Realistically, it may be a couple/few weeks…but be sure to check back!

I do not intend for this to be the last use of this blog.  Like I said in an earlier post, my/our future travels will be designed differently.  I dream to have many more travelingvolunteer adventures to bring to you.


9 Responses to “Homecoming”

  1. Ely Says:

    Thank you for sharing your passion and volunteer venture.

    I appreciate the details. You write in such an interesting way that it makes one feel they are with you on the project. This is my way of being able to live the volunteer experience.

    I look forward to your presentation.

    Take care and have a great day.

    • I am glad that you felt like you were along on the trip…that was part of my goal in sharing…and it was really fun and even to go back and read it now brings the memories rushing back.

  2. John Says:

    Welcome back! 🙂

  3. Sally Says:

    Thank you, Tara, for the great job.
    Hungary is the closest I’ve been to Romania. So it was nice to learn about that country via your blog.
    Your pictures remind me of how rural Europe used to look.

  4. kaylen Says:

    This was so great-I am in awe (and envious) of the adventure you embraced!!

    I loved reading your stories and the pictures were great!
    I think you are right-these types of experiences deeply affect our lives and I can’t wait to hear what you do in the future.

    And what a great role model you are for the girls, who are already so caring and compassionate already!

    Welcome back!! See you guys at an event soon. 🙂

    • Good to hear from you on here, Kaylen. I am glad John shared the site with you…and they had a good time at the events I unfortunately missed. We will definitely be seeing you again at a future one!

  5. Kathe Says:

    Tara, Traveling with you was a joy. I loved your sense of adventure and your spirit to overcome whatever came our way. You are an accomplished traveler and I know you will now lead your wonderful family on more volunteer vacations down the road. The blog was/is awesome and I want to thank you for all the late nights you sat up downloading pictures and spending the time posting! Your energy is inspiring!
    Consider me a travel partner anytime!

    • Kathe – Good to hear from you on here and hope that the site will serve as a place to go for good memories well into the future. It was worth staying up late in the evenings and I always felt so good after getting a post done. It is funny because when I go back and read some of the things I wrote I think of how tired I was in my ramblings 🙂 THANK YOU for being patient and staring at the back of my head anytime we were in a moving object…it takes a patient and kind person to not get annoyed with that. 🙂 Just think…the alternative is WAAAYYY worse!

  6. Kathe Says:

    Tara, I would be honored to travel with you anytime, anywhere. You have a great spirit!

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