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Video: My Romanian Experience May 1, 2010

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In a previous post I wrote that it may be a couple/few weeks before I put out a presentation.  This is funny to me now because it took us a couple of weeks just to move!   Then, when I began working in iMovie, I became fascinated with the tools at my fingertips and the capability to bring the experience to other people.  When I watch the presentation I feel lucky as I relive it over again.

This video presentation is not all inclusive of everything I learned in Romania.  It would have taken a 100GB+ memory card…because all I did was learn!  This experience was so meaningful and on such a deep and personal level.  The only other time I have felt speechless like this was when I saw the ocean for the first time, which definitely altered future “plans”…live in the moment!  If you are even considering an experience like this…go for it…you can’t go wrong!  I WILL be doing this again.

I am surrounded by many people who have a shared vision and I can’t ask for more than that.  Thank you to EVERYONE!

Turn on your speakers and enjoy!

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Special Feature: Romanian Experience Slideshow including all photos from Romania (not all are included in the video presentation).

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One Response to “Video: My Romanian Experience”

  1. Mom Says:

    Nice Job Tara, I enjoyed this very much. I am so happy that it was everything and more that you wanted.
    Love you!!!

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